Steezy Ray Vibes – "Endless Calm"

Dan Casey aka Steezy Ray Vibes is from Berkeley (San Francisco), USA.
"Endless Calm" is only the second release since last years demo of "Empty City".
Dan Casey sings "Endless calm before the endless storm", fearful of a life perhaps slipping away from him between days. The guitar chemistry plays tightly together; Real Estate or Mac DeMarco style. He also makes great use of not settling early in the construction of the piece by continuing to add gentle layers. Finishing with a washing wave of "yeah yeah yeah" and a high end scale notes. If this is all the work of one man, this one man has intriguing potential.

Facebook: Steezy Ray Vibes
Website: Steezy Ray Vibes
For fans of: Real Estate, Mac DeMarco or Francisco The Man.

Update: I just realised he used to go by the name Yalls. Which produced great tracks such as "Germs", "Settle Down" and "Ivy League".