Shining Bird - "Distant Dreaming"

Shining Bird are a four piece from Sydney, Australia.
"Distant Dreaming" is the first single released for their debut LP album due out in August.
After releasing their debut EP last year Shade Of The Sea. The distinctive "Skitzing" turned a few heads in the blogosphere after it had earmarks of Nick Cave covering a new Wild Nothing track.
As majestic as that sounds, the track was short lived at 196 seconds.
"Distant Dreaming" opens up with a early career Depeche Mode keyboard and the dreamy shimmer sounds of "Plainsong" by The Cure. Dane Taylor vocals have naturally matured into his own falsetto. Reminiscent of George Lewis Jr. on slower Twin Shadow tracks.

For fans of: Wild Nothing, Destroyer or Memoryhouse.

Dane Taylor subject matters include Australian bush fires and oceans rising in on our flat land. Perhaps concerned that he and fellow young Australians don't take these issues seriously these days, he closes the song with a gentle saxophone in the form of Destroyer, repeating "I'm caught in a distant dream".

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Shining Bird