Album: Galaxy Garden by Lone.

Matt "Lone" Cutler is from Nottingham UK. This was his fifth album release in six years. While his career may have started in electronic hip hop ideals/ardour. His love for Mario-Karts (Rainbow Road level presumingly), has sprawled his craft into a colourful unpredictable territory.
Released: May 1st, 2012.
Label: R and S Record Lone
For fans of: Kona Triangle, Actress or Floating Points.
Recommended tracks:

1. "New Colour"
2. "The Animal Pattern"
3. "As a Child"
4. "Lying in the Reeds"
5. "Dragon Blue Eyes"
6. "Crystal Caverns 1991"
7. "Raindance"
8. "Dream Girl / Sky Surfer"
9. "Earth's Lungs"
10. "Cthulhu"
11. "Stands Tidal Waves"
12. "Spirals"